Uzebox DTV instructions

About now most people should be receiving their Uzebox DTVs.  So here are some quick instructions for their use.

First off.  What you should have received in the post.


  1. The Uzebox DTV unit
  2. The TRRS (3.5mm jack) to 3 RCA lead
  3. The USB to red RCA power lead

Now – what you will need to provide yourself


  1. A 2GB or smaller micro SD card
  2. A 5v USB phone charger (wall wart) or some other source of 5V USB power

At this stage you MUST use a 2GB or smaller micro SD card.  There will be a future update that will allow the Uzebox to use SDHC cards.  For now though you need to dig out that old 2Gb card out of your first MP3 player.

The 5V USB power supply can be any charger from an old android telephone or tablet.  Alternately  you can plug the USB into your laptop or desktop computer to provide power.


The above photo shows how to connect the Uzebox DTV up to power.  The USB lead goes into the 5V USB charger/wall-wart.  The red RCA female connects to the red RCA male on the AV lead.  The TRRS plug then goes into the Uzebox DTV.

The Yellow and White RCA males then plug into your TVs composite video and audio in.

When this is done you should be greeted with AVR-Megatris, as this is the game that was used to to the QC testing of the units.


To get more games onto the Uzebox DTV you must load them onto the micro SD card.

Before you can do that you have to make sure the micro SD card is cleanly formatted with FAT16.  In windows format dialog, the file system should be shown as “FAT (Default)” as shown below.  Any other options such as NTFS or FAT32 will not work.


You can then go to the Uzebox games and demos list

and choose which games you would like on your SD card.  Simply click on the game name to go to its wiki page.  Then download the “UZE” file for that game onto the SD card.

Once you have copied all the UZE files you want to the card, you can take the card out of your PC and pop it in the Uzebox DTV.  The card goes in as shown below.  With the gold contacts facing towards the side that has buttons on it.


Now you just need to plug the Uzebox DTV back in and hold ANY button on the controller as the device powers up.  Holding a button down during power-up forces the bootloader menu to be displayed regardless of the system settings.

This should show you a screen that looks similar to this (but with the games you downloaded to the micro SD card).


You can use the arrow up and arrow down buttons to highlight a game with the red bar.  Pressing “Start” on the controller will load that game.

The other thing you can do is change the way the Uzebox boots.  Pressing “Select” will toggle between booting to the menu or booting straight to the last selected game.  The bottom right hand corner of the screen will show either


That is all there is to playing games.

When you are ready to get into programming games, come and join us all on the Uzebox forum.

If you have any Uzebox DTV questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

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