My first Kickstarter

Or I should say “Our first Kickstarter” because if it was left up to me it never would have happened.

I had actually completed the hardware for this project two years ago. I had even prepared most of the Kickstarter campaign over 18 months ago. Then something happened and the stress in my life was preventing me from getting much of anything done.

Simmone to the rescue. She is actually the driving force behind it.

Here is a preview of the campaign. Hopefully it launches on the 30th of September.



My room is a mess / Fear paralysis

My mother will probably not be surprised by the first part of the title.

Recently though my workshop hasn’t just been a normal mess. It has been the kind of mess that you can’t do very much about because there is less space to put things than there are things. So I decided to do something about it. Build some shelves.

I had acquired some extra equipment in the course of working on an exciting new project. Namely a Roland MDX-20 small desktop milling machine and some vacuum casting equipment. So I was going to build some rolling shelves to house this equipment along with more storage boxes.

This brings me to the second part of the title. I was too scared to do it, and kept putting it off.

It wasn’t fear because I do not have the skills. I am in fact an extremely below average welder. Or to put it another way, I am a much better welder than most people that knock something up and proudly show it to their cringing relatives.


I was scared I would make the design sub optimal. What if I make it too big. What if I make it too small. What if make the shelves to fit a small box and in the end I needed to store a large box.

As the sketch below shows, I had very early on the in the process made what I think is a good decision. The left hand side of the page shows a rolling shelf for the Roland and a separate one for the casting equipment. I quickly realised that the reason I was doing rolling shelves is that floor space is at a premium. Why not make one tall shelf for both as shown on the bottom right of the page.


Then the fear had new fertile grounds. What if I make it too tall.

This fear paralysis is only something that I have started to experience in the last few years. In the end it is pretty silly because I am quite happy with how the shelves turned out.

There is an enclosed area for the Roland to help keep the dust in. This will eventually have a clear perspex door.


The vacuum chamber and pump fit nicely. They also have a false shelve a few mm above them so that area can be used for putting things when they are not in use.

In fact the only thing I do not like about the rolling shelf is the wheels. I knew from the outset the wheels were inadequate, but they are only a temporary measure till I find some better ones.

Now I just need to work on that fear that is stopping me getting things done.

I have a cunning plan

I was almost tempted to write

Hello, World

but I thought that might give readers the wrong idea. There is unlikely to be a lot of C code on this blog. ASM, in particular the AVR8 variety is probably far more likely.

That is not to say that I don’t use C. It is a very useful tool. However to derive joy from programming, I prefer to craft cunning ASM code. ASM code that hopefully can make people go “wow”. It would be good if it is not in the same context that my partner is always saying “wow”.

If all goes to plan, there will be a lot more here than just programming. Like Usenet, I could well cover any topic from fresh produce to aluminium baseball bats. To start with it will probably be mostly electronics, programming and generally MAKE-ing things.